Holger Kinkelin

Why I got a Sony Alpha 6000 in 2017

Some time ago I bought a Samyang 12mm ƒ2.0 for my Sony Alpha 5100. For those who do not know what the 5100 is: it essentially is a more compact Sony Alpha 6000 without an electronic viewfinder. Buying the 12mm was a huge mistake as it put me into a huge dilemma. I started to like the lens so much that I actually wanted to use it all the time. It is sharp, it renders colors in a nice warm manner and ƒ2.0 is great for not well illuminated areas such as churches, or at night. Despite the lack of an image stabilization system, I never got a shaky image. And I never got one shot which was out of focus, which is surprising, as this is a manual focus lens. In my eyes that lens is superbe (minus some glare when the sun gets in the way).

vServer Hoster Tipp: Vultr

Since a couple of years I rent a vServer to play around with but also to do some (more or less) useful stuff like hosting my blog and other things. Unfortunately, my old server got too slow and I couldn’t use Docker as the machine was 32 bit only. Hence I looked for more powerful alternatives that do not cost a fortune. I started with “conventional” vHosters and found some good looking offers in the range from 2,50 to 5,00 EUR per Month.

Hosting Nextcloud on a nginx Web Server

Migrating Nextcloud to nginx takes a good while but I can recommend that step. Especially when you are using quite low-powered systems to host your Nextcloud instance you will experience a significant performance boost. Here is a write-up of the things I have learned when I migrated my Nextcloud(s) from Apache2 to nginx.

Dockerizing Stuff for Fun and Profit

When I want to play with $things, I mostly use virtual machines as throw-away systems that I can mess up with odd software I don’t want to install on my Mac or that simply does not run on it. A good while ago I looked into docker as a more lightweight and flexible alternative to a VM. However, I put docker aside as it wasn’t usable on a Mac at all.

FFMPEG vs My 'Go Low' Action Cam

I got myself a really cheap action cam. Think “China copy” and “Go Pro” and you know what I bought. However, for its 35 EUR price tag that thing is pretty cool. One problem with that cam is that it comes without any software. So you need to dig around a bit if you want to get creative with recorded movies and pictures. So far, I tried two things: time lapse videos from a sequence of photos and stabilized videos.